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Our Funding Priorities

Improving Healthcare in Africa

We aim to maximise the impact of the Foundation’s charitable giving by focusing on three key priority areas:


Better Clinical Pathways

We support training interventions that deal with the promotion of good health and the prevention of avoidable diseases and illnesses, tackling health-related issues from onset and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up

Service Improvements, and focus on patient care

We support training interventions that tackle service improvements through innovative practices and collaborative working, focusing on achieving high quality and positive outcomes for patients, and caring for them with dignity and care

Tackling Barriers

We support training interventions that seek to improve access to healthcare, particularly for those who may be economically, socially or geographically disadvantaged. We also aim to strengthen healthcare facilities and help them to implement more robust systems and processes that facilitate an environment for improved learning and development
In developing our priorities, we have reviewed what we believe to be the most effective and sustainable way to tackle the health-related issues in sub-Saharan Africa: investing in the capacities and capabilities of African healthcare workers so that they become the solution to treating and saving lives on the continent. We believe that this helps to support and sustain communities in relation to their wellbeing, build the health economy locally, and provide opportunities for healthcare workers to develop their skills and knowledge at a professional level.