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Our Funding Criteria

Supporting Communities in Africa

What you need to ensure before you submit your application

The Chalker Foundation for Africa is an independent grant-making charitable trust which supports organisations that share our vision of an Africa where people are empowered to lead healthy and self-sustaining lives.

We fund organisations that are focused on achieving the best health-related outcomes possible for people, are collaborative in nature, and are willing to contribute their own resources to the project.

Our criteria for funding are:

Fit with our Mission

Applicants must demonstrate how the goals of their project or initiative align with the Foundation’s Mission for building the skills and capacities of people who work in healthcare so that they are better able to prevent ill health and be professionally skilled to treat and care for those who become sick.

Fit with our Strategic Priorities

The application must align with at least one of our three key priorities:

  1. Better Clinical Pathways
  2. Improved Care Delivery
  3. Tackling Barriers. [hyperlink to Our Funding Priorities page]

Partnership approach

We believe that organisations can often achieve greater outcomes and reach more people if they collaborate with those who share similar goals. Applicants should demonstrate how they plan to work or partner with other organisations and agencies order to extend reach, increase impact and achieve scale so that those communities who are often disadvantaged from accessing professional healthcare can access it.

Organisational sustainability

We like to work with organisations that are able to provide evidence of their track record and achievements, and that they will be sustainable at the end of the funded project. Organisations that are relatively stable financially tend to be in a better position to run effectively and deliver the quality of services for which the charity was created. Therefore the Trustees look for signs that the organisation is likely to remain running – these signs include, for example, a well-governing Board, past history, local support, and an appropriate level of reserves.

Funding amount

Our grant size is around £5,000


What we don’t fund

  • General appeals or circulars
  • Grants to individuals
  • Emergency appeals
  • Overseas travel costs
  • The promotion of religion or politics