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Vision, Mission & Values

Improving healthcare in Africa

  • The Chalker Foundation for Africa was established by Lynda, Baroness Chalker of Wallasey PC, in response to the need to improve healthcare in Africa. From her experience as a former Minister of State for Africa and Minister for Overseas Development, Lynda Chalker saw the need for investing in African talent to address African problems. She believed that preventing disease, improving diagnosis and treatment as well as delivering better local care are fundamental to all development progress. Without health, few can achieve lasting improvements to their lives and a real chance to earn a better future.

    The Foundation’s primary objective is to achieve positive health outcomes for communities by investing in programmes that build the skills and knowledge of African health workers.

  • We envisage an Africa where people are empowered to lead healthy and self-sustaining lives.
  • Our Mission is to achieve positive and sustainable health outcomes for all people in sub-Saharan Africa by working in partnership with organisations that invest in the training of health workers and developing local knowledge and skills in the community.

  • Our values and principles underlie and inspire our work. We aim to uphold and promote these principles in all our endeavours.

    Partnership and collaboration: We believe that individuals and communities in Africa should be the key agents in their own development. To achieve this we seek to work in partnership to give communities the capacity with which to forge their own futures. We also seek to build alliances with others who work in complementary fields so that we maximise the impact of the Foundation.

    Consideration and respect:We are considerate towards individuals and their circumstances and always treat others with respect and understanding.

    Honesty and transparency: We shall operate in an open and transparent manner in everything that we do and say, and accept responsibility for our actions. We shall openly share information, knowledge and best practise both internally and externally and strive to maintain high ethical and moral standards.

    Excellence: We are committed to striving for excellence and aim to learn from our endeavours to continuously improve our processes and outcomes.

    Non-discrimination and diversity: We are not affiliated to any governmental, political or religious organisation or ideology. We encourage a culture whereby people are rewarded according to their commitment and ideas and oppose all forms of discrimination based on sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, class, religion, age, physical ability, caste, opinion or sexual orientation. We respect and celebrate diversity, both within the communities with which we work and with our own organisation.