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How to Apply

Supporting the Improvement of Healthcare in Africa

The Chalker Foundation for Africa is committed to rigorous assessment in order to fund high quality projects. All applications undergo detailed internal review and assessment before an award is made.

It is important that you read the information about what we fund on Our Funding Criteria and Our Funding Priorities pages before submitting an application. You may find the following information useful before submitting an application:

Our Trustees meet four times a year when applications are considered. Please contact the Foundation Coordinator to find out about their next meeting and deadline for applications.

Stage 1

Information that we need in the first instance is a short proposal (maximum 4 pages) and, as a guide, may include:

  • How your application meets the Foundation’s funding criteria and which priorities it is addressing
  • A brief introduction to your organisation, including its legal status and information on your track record and achievements
  • A brief description of the project, including the total cost (project + training element you are applying for), the current funding shortfall, other funders you have approached, what resources your organisation is committing to it, and the proposed timetable
  • The issue your project or organisation is tackling and how you know there is a need for it
  • How the project will be delivered, how many people will benefit and the impact it aims to make
  • Whether you have considered working in collaboration or partnership with another organisation to help deliver the desired outcomes and extend the reach of the project
  • Who else is supportive of your work, for example previous funders, charities or companies you work in partnership with or any other organisations that have shown recognition of the value of your work.
  • What will success look like and how that will be measured and evaluated
  • When do funds need to be secured? Do you need a certain proportion of the funds to be in place before work/the project can start?

Please ensure that you include all the relevant information and that it is set out as clearly and succinctly as possible. Please apply well in advance of your funding requirements.

Stage 2

We will review your application to check that it has met the Foundation’s criteria before being considered by the Trustees. It is possible that you may be asked to submit other supporting information, if required, such as the most recent annual accounts or report

Stage 3

If your application is shortlisted for the Trustees to consider, you will be informed of the outcome within a week.

If you are unclear or would like information at any stage in the application process please contact the Foundation Coordinator on